Upcoming Vision Forum events 2020-21:


  • August  7, from 17h (CET): online cooking event with Governing Bodies.
  • August  10-16-20: Untitled Biofeedback Project Nordic workshop, demonstrations and performance in Stockholm.
  • August 31 – September 12: Residency at Källskär, Åland Islands.
  • August and September: Preparatory meetings and music sessions for Transformation III in Paris.
  • September: Umwelt workshop and public presentations in Stockholm.
  • September 14-18: Vision Forum in residency at Bristol Robotics Lab.
  • September 14-21: Vision Forum and MKP in residency at Old Mine Residency in Karelia, Finland.
  • October 12-13: “2084″ Performances at the Cable Factory, Helsinki invited by Catalysti and Curated by Anne Klontz.
  • October: 1+1=3 on tour in China, Japan and Korea.
  • October: “Dreams” experimental nocturnal performance in Stockholm and Norrköping.
  • November and December: Baroque Architecture and Submission on tour in Europe.
  • April 23-25, 2021: EEGsynth/1+1=3 at Ableton Loop in Berlin.
  • Spring 2021: Worlds Music on tour in Europe.
  • Spring 2021: Virtual Architecture on tour in Sweden, Switzerland and France.
  • Spring 2021:  1+1=3 presents a new performance at F4 Libre i Cuarnevaca and Dia D in Mexico City.
  • Summer 2021: Stutter – Music and Speech Pathology workshops and performances in Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden
  • Summer 2020: Gothic Walks will be presented in Berlin and Malmö.
  • Summer 2020: Ghetto Gucci on tour in Sweden.
  • Autumn 2021: Swarm Robotics and Performance in Bristol and Stockholm.
  • Autumn 2021: Relieve Malaise workshops and performances in Stockholm, Ubatuba and Sao Paulo
  • Autumn 2021: Romaticism Reversed will be shown in Egypt, Tunisia and Sweden.
  • Dates and venues TBA: Release events for the first 1+1=3 publication and vinyl record.
  • Dates and venues TBA: Untitled Biofeedback Project on tour in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


Projects/events/workshops postponed or cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation 2020:

  • March 19-23: Umwelt workshop, demonstrations and performances in Copenhagen. (Postponed new dates TBA.)
  • May 8-10: Untitled Biofeedback Project, Nordic performances in the public space in Stockholm. (Postponed new dates TBA.)
  • May 13-17: Umwelt workshop and performances in Bergen. (Postponed/cancelled new dates TBA.)
  • May 27-31: A Breath of Life, workshop and public events in Ukraine based on work by Clarice Lispector. (Postponed new dates TBA.)
  • June 4-9: Workshop and public events in Beirut. (Postponed new dates TBA.)