Upcoming Vision Forum events 2018-19:


  • December/January: More Eyes residency in Mexico City, including public events at CICO and Pulqueria Insurgentes.
  • January 21: V8skan event at Nobelmuseum in Stockholm.
  • February – March: Baroque Architecture and Submission performance at Tegelscenen and Dansens hus, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • February 2, 6.30pm: 1+1=3 performs at Folkteatern in Gothenburg.
  • February – March: Are You Touched workshops in Sweden.
  • March 23, 1.30pm : 1+1=3 at Kulturhuset Fyren, Kungsbacka. The project is part of INES in Halland, Sweden.
  • April – May: Nature Inside workshops in Sweden.
  • May 24-26: 1+1=3, Spiritual Lap Dance and many more at Galleri Ekdahl, Karlstad, Sweden.
  • May: 1+1=3 organises international BCMI-festival in Stockholm, Malmö and Copenhagen.
  • June: 1+1=3 on tour in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
  • June: Aqua Viva, mobile performance at Damas and Oporto in Lisbon and at Maus Habitos, Porto, Portugal.
  • September: 1+1=3 on tour in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Xiamen.
  • Date TBA: Release of Freddie Ross’s book on Art and Ethics (in Swedish).
  • Dates and venues TBA: Release events for the first 1+1=3 publication and vinyl record.