Swarm Robotics in Performance (working title)


Vision Forum is developing a project to use swarm robotics in performance with Bristol Robotics Lab.

Technology is generally seen as an expression or extension of rational thinking and being. It is therefore usually considered to be opposite to spiritual investigations, metaphysical reflections and exploration of the human soul.

The project explores how technology can be integrated into artistic performances using traditional ideas and techniques of “mindfulness” in order to develop ways whereby the two can co-exist. The project’s philosophical goal can be said to lie in bringing together worlds that are traditionally seen as opposites and connecting them in creative ways. We are looking for ways in which technology, together with carefully presented metaphysical reflections, can inspire the audience to new insights about their own lives and find novel solutions to everyday problems.

In our modern society, which creates stress and pressure on the individual by insisting that we should perform in professional and social life, it is increasingly difficult to find time and place to focus and reflect on central life issues of a philosophical nature. The arts have traditionally played an important role in creating space for reflection of this kind, although this role falls in the background as pressure mounts on artists to fulfill other quests. The cultural sphere still retains the potential to play a central role in safeguarding a place for metaphysical reflection, something that this project underlines.

The project currently looks at two practical solutions reach the desired results. They are being developed with the aim of being merged into one. Please check back to see developments.

The project will travel to Bristol for a residency in September 2020 and we will receive researchers from the UK later in the year. It is supported by Längmanska kulturfonden and Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse.