Perplexity 2024: Sounds that Cannot Be Seen

There are many things that the human eye cannot see. Some things are too small, or too far away. But there are also vibrations that we can hear or feel and odours that we can smell but cannot see. There are also signs that we can learn to decipher: A doctor or a healer can spot telltale signs of disease or trauma that a layman would miss. An experienced geologist will know where certain metals tend to be hidden and biologists where certain plants or animals can be found. Experience can make the invisible visible…

In art and in science we relate to the invisible and its uncovering in different ways. Still the goal remains the same: to discover what has not be known before, or to reveal the well-known in new light. To our aid us, we have new technologies that allow humans to “see” smaller and smaller subatomic particles, or teach us about how microbes, creatures that are too small for the eye to see, play important roles for our development, health and well-being.

However, in the search for new solutions, it is usually our habitual, cultural or social way of seeing the world that stops us from moving forward. Interdisciplinary work can help us to become aware of the limits of our thought patterns and habitual acts in our practice. Therefore The University of Ghent (department of biotechnology), The University of Antwerp (department of philosophy) together with the international art and research network Vision Forum are developing a series of events to involve the general public in discourses about that which we cannot see. The three partners invite the audience to participate in concerns that will shape our future(s).

For the second year running, a public event art and science event will take place in Ghent 17 and 18 June 2024. This year we will focus on the invisible and the mysteries of sound. Together we will perform, discuss, present, reflect, marvel on how we can  re-conceptualise that we cannot see and how can we do that in a way so that life and humanity stand in the centre, rather than grand results or financial gains. How can we think and act collectively, so that we inspire each other to reach new and inclusive ways of thinking and acting?

The event will take place over two days, in 4 different locations .In each location a program will be curated so that art and science can be met in new and challenging ways. Please join us!

For more information contact:

Marjan De Mey: Marjan.DeMey [at]
Kristien Hens: Kristien.Hens [at]
Per Hüttner: info [at]
Christina Stadlbauer: christina.stadlbauer [at]

For info about the 2023 event.