Vision Forum is a mobile laboratory, an open community and a platform for developing new forms and contexts to produce and present art. We work with professional artists in an expanded art field and most projects involve multiple producers, international networks and interdisciplinary collaborations. The presented work often makes use of new technologies, experimental expressions and moves across multiple venues. We also look for new audiences by presenting interdisciplinary art outside of the traditional art venues.

We are a non-profit organisation and the focus lies on moving across both geographical, disciplinary and borders and we have carried out projects on all the continents of the world with our partner organisations. We organise experimental seminars and workshops as well as exhibitions, performances and events often in collaboration with practitioners in other artistic fields and researchers in the sciences and humanities.

Since its inception in 2008, Vision Forum has worked with higher education. But in recent years, more attention has been given to develop new pedagogical strategies. Educational work take place within two of our ongoing projects: Morgondagens Konstpublik that focuses on students and young artists and Riding the donkey backwards where we work with refugees across Europe.


We work towards having a totally horizontal organisation where the creators and researchers together develop the program of the organisation. Artist Per Hüttner is the director of the organisation since 2009. We have collaborated with such distinguished people as Theodore Zeldin and Nobel laureate Roald Hoffman. We currently collaborate with many different practitioners: curators Sara Giannini, Susanne Ewerlöf; the collective Wooloo/Human Hotel, choreographer Carima Neusser; researchers Predrag Petrovic, Stephen Whitmarsh, Robert Oostenveld; pedagogues Anne Klontz and musicians Jean-Louis Huhta and Siri Jennefelt. You will find who participates by browsing our Current Projects and find out more about the new projects that we are developing with neuroscientists, migrants and lawyers.

The network is based in Sweden. Most of us who work with the projects are based in Europe and we often collaborate with institutions and creators in Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. Find out more about us by browsing our news page or by looking at the previous projects to see what we have organised. You can also browse the publications that document our activities. You will find out what has been written about us in the media here or you can visit us on Facebook.

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