On this page you can find videos that highlight some of the current and past work that Vision Forum carries out. The content changes regularly, so make sure you return regularly.


Vision Forum participated in documentafifteen with “Ghetto Gucci. The performance was created collectively during the 6th Ghetto Biennial in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2019 by Haitian and Swedish artists.


Emergence and Microbes: Governing Bodies Helsinki? A short documentary by Samy Kramer about the Vision Forum and Bioart Society mini festival in Finland



A teaser for the forthcoming documentary about the workshop “Conditioned by Dreams” that took place at Teatermaskinen in September 2022. During one week artists and other professionals filmed their own dreams in order to look for feedback loops between dreams and their practical work with film.


Where Do the Waves Go? A documentary by Fabien Guillermont about the Vision Forum Festival, Transformation



1+1=3 performance sampler 2014- 2020.


Stephen Whitmarsh playing “Harmonics” using the EEGsynth



Michel Lafleur and Ghetto Gucci on Arte


Campo Grossi Maglioni Start in the Middle, performance by Carima Neusser and Per Hüttner from Carima Neusser.


Making a Political Speech Intentionally Translated With a Different Meaning, 2013 by Yoshinori Niwa.  The performance formed a part of the OuUnPo session “Godzilla and Phoenix” in Tokyo and Yokohama.


Carima Neusser, Baroque Architecture and Submission


“Headless” by TanzLaboratorium in Kiev 2010. The project formed a part of the travelling project “The Invisible Generation.


How To Cross A Street in BG  2009 by Nэno Бэlchэv in Shenzhen. The project formed a part of the travelling project “The Invisible Generation.