Baroque Architecture and Submission


Vision Forum has for many years been developing many collaborations between visual art and choreography. Since a few years we have been collaborating on a project by Choreographer Carima Neusser with the title “Baroque Architecture and Submission.” It was originally a performance that investigated spaces: imaginary and real, in the body and in architecture. It lead to a series of performances in several European countries 2018-19. It later transformed into guided tours which have also been shown in several European cities in 2019-2020 under the title “Gold All in my Veins.” It is now migrating into its third phase which will be shown in Berlin, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and many more places under the title “Sensing Landmarks.”


Baroque Architecture and Submission is born from Choreographer Carima Neusser’s meeting with baroque churches in Central America. Through the spaces and images she investigates how the architecture of the church seeks out infinity, ecstasy and dissolution of the self. Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini’s work has played a particularly important role in the development of the performance. She takes inspiration from his sculptures where spirituality and submission meet with romantic ideals. The women that his white marble depict are at the same time visions of asceticism and intense sexual pleasure – they cannot be distinguished. In the ecstasy, body and spirituality meet.

The project is supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, The City of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Council and the Nordic Culture Fund. It has been developed in partnership with with Curatorial Mutiny, MKP and has been developed at Dansens Hus and in Stockholm and well as Danssationen in Malmö. It has been shown at multiple venues in Sweden, Finland and Germany will travel to Norway, Switzerland and France in the near future.