Vision Forum is developing Nordic Collaborations


Vision Forum is proud to announce that the Svensk-danska kulturfonden, Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Culture Fund support our strengthened presence in the Nordic Countries. They support of collaborations with Pikene på Broen and partners in north-eastern Russia as well as the project The Artist is Away at Home, which will lead to an exhibition and events at Vallastaden 2017. For the project Nordic artists will live with families in Östergötland during two weeks. The artists will become temporary members of the four the families with all that it implies. The working method is based on Danish artist collective Wooloo’s previous experiences with the project “Applied Hospitality.” This gave a group of danish artists the opportunity to live with unknown families and led to very rewarding artistic and social results. Together this project will develop the Danish experiences further and give opportunity to see what can be learned from Nordic exchanges in this context.