The Artist is at Home Away

- A cultural exchange between Sweden, Norway and Denmark 2017-18.

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In preparation for an exhibition and events at Vallastaden 2017, four Nordic artists will live with families in Linköping during two weeks. The artists will become temporary members of the four the families with all that it implies. The working method is based on Danish artist collective Wooloo’s previous experiences with the project “Applied Hospitality.” This gave a group of danish artists the opportunity to live with unknown families and led to very rewarding artistic and social results. Together this project will develop the Danish experiences further and give opportunity to see what can be learned from Nordic exchanges in this context.

During the stay the four artists and families will dwell on three major questions:
- What does hospitality mean and how do we host strangers in our homes and in society in general?
- How do we look at family dynamics in the Nordic countries and what can we learn from one another?
- What is an artist’s role in our society and how can the dialogue between artist and audience become more dynamic?

The experiences of living in families will lay the foundation for artwork that will be produced during the two following months. The work will be presented in an exhibition in conjunction with “Vallastaden 2017,” which is an international architectural expo that looks for dynamic solutions for future living. It is open to the public the whole month of September. The work will be shown both in a specific gallery as well as in the public space of the experimental neighbourhood.

The project is interdisciplinary in nature and brings together a variety of questions related to architecture, ecology, history, philosophy and media studies. In conjuction with the exhibition Vision Forum will create a series of connected public events in dialogue with Linköpings universitet. The public events gives us the potential to release the interdisciplinary potential by matching artists with researchers and professionals in these fields from the region. It also gives the artists possibility to share their experience with a broader audience and using other formats such as performances, lectures and discussions. The events in other words open for important interdisciplinary learning from the project and dispersion of the results in outside the art field.

The project will create new contacts between five Nordic cities (Linköping, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Kirkenes) and offer them an important creative and critical input. It will offer new ideas about how Nordic cities and their social networks can function more dynamically in the future. It will inspire new dialogues between disconnected players and develop methods and knowledge with long-lasting effects and impact.

Participating organisations:

Wooloo (Denmark), Pikene på broen (Norway), Linköpings universitet (Sweden) and Vallastaden 2017 (Sweden).

The project is supported by Nordic Culture fund and Nordic Culture Point.


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