VF faces Tribunalen

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Vision Forum is proud to announce that Alpha Xiao and Zygote  are presenting performances at Tribunalen festival in Stockholm. They will present new work at 6pm and 8.30pm respectively on May 12, 2024.

Alpha Xiao is an experimental musical group consisting of a portable electroencephalagraph (EEG) modulating designed audio samples  and a traditional Chinese flute called a Xiao. The two person constellation focuses musically on connectivity through rough sketches of compositions, sounds and themes. As brain waves influence certain dynamics of the sound, and vice versa, a type of feedback loop is generated between the activities of the brain and sound produced ad infinitum. Alpha Xiao often invites external collaborators and uses inspiration from contemporary research to create inventive concerts and visionary performances. For this performance they have invited Sebastian of Godmother to play the EEGsynth.

Zygote is project where performance artists, fashion designers, musicians and researchers in foetal development are working together. Zygote is a mobile laboratory that moves between different Swedish urban and natural locations. The work is a collective investigation, where the audience is actively involved in shaping the results. The process does not result in a final performance, instead the working group conducts a series of ongoing investigations together with different audience groups. We call these proto-performances. This makes the work an ongoing and investigative process. They will present such a proto-performance at Tribunalen.,

Entrance is free, but please boo in advance. You can book your tickets here.


The project forms a part of Transformation III and is co-funded by The Swedish Arts Council.