Transformation III

In spring 2019 Vision Forum organised a 4-day event in Stockholm called Transformation. It investigated how bodily signals from muscle and brain as well as audience movements can be further used in musical and performative creation. The event was greatly appreciated by audience, participants and the media. During the festival composers, musicians, technology developers and researchers met to investigate the aesthetic potential of biofeedback in music. The events and meetings led to a rich surge of reflections, development of new ideas, new research topics, new technological development, new collaborations and new artistic projects. During lockdown in spring 2020, Vision Forum organised the online festival Transformation II. Several of the partners of the two festivals are now meeting and working in Paris in order to investigate potential approaches for a third festival. More information soon

If you have not watched Fabien Guillermont’s wonderful film about Transformation, you can do so now.

Where Do the Waves Go? A documentary by Fabien Guillermont about the Vision Forum Festival Transformation.