Solo Markt in Berlin


Vision Forum is proud to announce that our projects “Baroque Architecture and Submission” and “Governing Bodies” are participation in Solo Markt in Berlin in August. New versions of the projects will be shown in three venues August 9, 13 and 14, 2022. Please visit the organiser’s website for practical information.

The public presentations feature the choreographer Carima Neusser and the artist and curator Carola Uehlken who are staging a still life performance that is inspired by a guided tour into the underworld as described in the famous baroque poem “Schaub├╝hne des Todes” from the 17th century. Living and dead material merge into a Tableau Vivant. Bodies lie and move in and around a shabby car near the busy market scene selling fruit and vegetables. The audience is invited to witness the various physical processes between life and death while picnicking.

The project is supported by The Swedish Arts Council and the Nordic Culture Fund.