When in Quarantine: Watch “Where do the Waves Go?”

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In the end of May 2019 Vision Forum and Curatorial Mutiny organised the festival “Transformation.” It was a 3-day bonanza of lectures and performances that celebrated the logic and madness of the human brain and body when it creates music using naturally occurring signals in the body. During the marvelous events, modular synth geeks, cult brainwave-musicians, neuroscientists, neuro-psychologists and experimental musicians met and were seduced by each others’ passions.

Now, and for a limited time, you have the rare and unique opportunity to see Fabien Guillermont’s amazingly funny, interesting and artistically brilliant documentary online. The film looks at the festival with love and warmth. You will meet some of the participating artists and thinkers as well as examples of their professional practice. You have the opportunity to hear converging and diverging views on Brainwave music. Last, but not least, you will also find out what The Da Vinci code really is!

You find the film by clicking here.

(If the link does not work, use this address: https://youtu.be/IhdB8lTThrM)

The festival included performances and talks by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, David Rosenboom, Severine Samson, Atau Tanaka, 1+1=3  and Dungeon Acid and many more