Microbes are Finally in Italy




Vision Forum is proud to announce a workshop on how the microbes in our body influence human identity and behaviour March 13-15. The work will be carried out at Italienska palatset in Växjö March 13-15, 2020. A public event will take place on Saturday March 14 (see program below.) The public event will include lectures, performances, a guided tour and a specially designed dinner by Mäm’s own star chef Erik Måneld.

During three days artists and theorists from theatre, dance, music and visual art will work together with researchers who have special knowledge and interests in the field. Collaborations include Chalmers Tekniska högskola in Gothenburg, Karolinska institutet and Prima Barn in Stockholm.


We meet at 16h at the entrance of Italienska palatset.

16.00 – Carola Uehlken – artist from Berlin performs a guided walk in and around the Italian Palace looking at the history of the building as well as crime and madness (locally and globally).
17.00 – Elias Arnér – Selenium, nitrate, nitric acid, red beetroot juice, microbes and health: a popular science talk.

Dinner starts:

18.00 – Starter and MaiBritt Giacobini: A presentation about research in child psychology about the effects of diet on children’s mental health.
19.00 – Main course and Giada Lo Re: Microbes that build up and break down.
20.00 – Dessert and discussions
21.00 – Music evening at Media Artes with Jan Carleklev and Per Huttner.


All events are free. The three course dinner costs SEK 200 and requires pre-booking.
(Book food as soon as possible by contacting Benny on +46 70 961 06 84 or italienskalatset [at] gmail.com.

More detailed information about the project here.



Emil Krog (Visual artist) Simone Bang Jørgensen (Visual artist) Carola Uehlken (Artist/Curator) Elias Arnér (Professor in Biochemistry) Giada Lo Re (xyz.PhD) Carima Neusser (Choreographer), MaiBritt Giacobini (Child psychiatrist MD, PhD) Saber Rhaleb (musician) and Per Hüttner (Visual artist/musician).

Due to the situation with the Corona virus outbreak the following contributions were cancelled:
- Emil Krog and Simone Bang Jørgensen – artist from Copenhagen will carry out an artistic investigation into how different roots, fungi interacts with microbes in the soil.
- Music contribution by Saber Rhaleb from Morocco/Mexico.


The project is collaboration with Italienska palatset and Media Artes and supported by the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Council.

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