Vision Forum at MACQ in Queretaro


Vision Forum returns to Queretaro for one more residency at El Dia D. This time most of the work is being carried out in Tequisqaiapan and brings together Swedish, Mexican and Canadian artists from multiple genres who will work together. The work will culminate with performances at the beautiful Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Queretaro. The program starts at 6pm, February 9 and entrance is free.

Liminal Beauty is a dance performance based on the Nobel laureate, Elfriede Jelinek’s feminist drama “Sleeping Beauty.” The drama describes Sleeping Beauty’s subjective experience of being a prisoner in a liminal state between life and death and wakefulness and sleep. The performance uses the play to address important metaphysical questions about the constitution of reality through movement and dialogues between film, dance and music. In order to investigate these questions, the performers uses bodily movements on stage and in the projected moving images that examine what it means to be trapped, in limbo, between different bodily stages. The use of film, dance and live music allows her, as well the audience, to get a different understanding how the mysteries of the human condition and the potential of the human body.

In the performance Trickster Ceremony the performers investigate the relationship between the inner and outer worlds of humans. How do the processes inside the human body affect how we perceive and understand the outside world? How does the outside world impact what happens inside us? As the performance commences, the audience is offered a specially developed drink by the artists. They then invites the audience to make a short introspection exercise with them.

After the exercise they will watch a film which is accompanied by digital live music. For the performance they use repurposed neuroscientific technology developed by the EEGsynth to externalise the activity of the human brain so that its activities can be seen and heard by the audience. In other words, the sounds and moving images in the performance are influenced in real time by signals from a performer’s brain activities. For this purpose a performer wears an EEG (electroencephalogram) cap on her head. The signals from the cap is sent to a computer which analyses the data and sends it on to a digital musical instruments and software that influence the film’s images in real time.

Tricksters are often boundary-crossers of world-views and can travel into parallel worlds. They cross and often break both physical and societal rules and violate principles of social and natural order. Tricksters often disrupt normal life and then recreates it in new shapes and forms. The film depicts a modern day trickster going through such a transformation.


The Swedish artists travel to Mexico is supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee