Transformation III at Chair de poule, Paris


- Chaire de poule, rue Sain Maure, 75011, Paris
- February 1, 2024 -concert starts at 9pm

EEGsynth [feat. Dr. Stephen Whitmarsh & Samon Takahashi]
Stephen Whitmarsh is a doctor of neuroscience. This does not prevent him to deep investigations into modular synthesis and combine his two passions. Samon Takahashi continues to hope to make music without hands. He has almost reached his goal as his brain surrenders and he becomes a willing guinea pig, to the attacks of the perverse scientist.Whitmarsh and Takahashi are members of the EEGsynth collective, an art/science project centrered around human-machine interactions, in especially music controlled by the brain’s alpha waves.

Milo Atom Makoto Takahashi is the offspring of a father who stops at nothing when it comes to exploiting innocence in progress. In order to transcend their differences, father and son form Genshi-On Futarigumi on the ashes of the Family Trio, coming out of confinement 2020. As the name suggests for those who understand Japanese, their music is primitive and naive, made of pre-adolescent noises and contemporary consciousness imbued with annoying and Xbox console sounds . In short: childish post-industrial without being infantile.

The concert forms a part of the brainwave music festival Transformation III. It is the outcome of a residency at La General in Paris. It is supported by the Swedish Arts Council