Start in the Middle


- A performative investigation by artist Per Huttner and choreographer Carima Neusser with musical support by Siri Jennefelt.

Start in the Middle is a series of performances that investigate how constraints can open potential  and shape human lives and artistic activities. The performances mix the formats of lecture and meditation into a seamless whole to reflect on these questions. The artists use sounds, lights, images and meditative texts to invite the audience to participate in a collective journey in order to find hidden pleasure and beauty in their every day. They use simple exercises so that the audience can relax and think about their life situation in novel ways

Special attention is given to how values, social norms and philosophical traditions influence our emotional lives. Drawing inspiration from European filmmakers like Luis Buñuel and Liliana Cavani as well as anthropological research about primitive cultures offers starting points for reflection on how we can open for new potential in our lives. The performance ends with a reflection about the artistic process and how outlook on the sense of self and its values are pushed to its extreme in artistic work.

Versions of the performance have been carried out in Rome, Linköping, St. Pierre, Jakobsdal and in Stockholm and was supported by Nordic Culture Fund and 1/17 Volt.