Nordic EEGsynth, New American Eyes and Scientific Stockholmers


Vision Forum are very happy to announce that we have successfully been rewarded a series of new grants. The EEGsynth and 1+1=3 have received a grant from the Nordic Culture Fund to develop their work in the Nordic Countries. This will include a Brainwave music festival in Stockholm, the sound of motor neurons in Helsinki and brain music extravaganza in Copenhagen. We are also proud that Musikverket supports our development of theĀ  above mentioned festival in Sweden. The City of Stockholm has also granted us support to develop our work with microbes and human identity and that the Swedish Arts Council support New Eyes’s work in Mexico and Brazil as well as support for the previously mentioned project on microbes. The Swedish Arts Grants committee has awarded the artists in the project Aqua Viva support to carry out the performances in Portugal. Congratulations to all the participating artists and researchers!