Amsterdam in Space


Check out our friends Daniela de Paulis (COGITO in space) and Robert Oostenveld (EEGsynth) this Saturday, December 1 at 20:00 in the Kunstkapel in Amsterdam. As part of a performative audio-visual-spatial (space) exploration, they will use the EEGsynth to sonify brain activity together with other live musicians and performers.

The resemblance of the interior of the Kunstkapel to the space station seen in Tarkovsky’s science fiction film Solaris has been  noted frequently. This project was designed to bring a group of individual artists together as members of a research expedition.  Solaris provides us with a set of issues in terms of Audio/Visual/Spatial that are demanding and the team will offer their own unique findings. On board for this first mission are Daniela de Paulis, German Popov, Justin Bennett and Roelf Toxopeus (BMBcon), and neuroscientist Robert Oostenveld.

The EEGsynth is supported by Kulturbryggan and the Swedish Arts Council.