Enetering into a New Decade


2019 has been a wonderful year. It would have been nothing without you. Vision Forum would like to thank everyone who has participated, supported us, have attended our events and been part of our marvellous international network. We have introduced artistic outlooks on such diverse subjects as the human microbiota, the neuroscience of human touch and logic of the spread of right-wing populism on our planet.

Some of the highlights have been the Transformation festival on music and biofeedback that we organised in Stockholm in May and June. Fabien Guillermont is busy finishing “Where Do the Waves Go” which is a documentary based on the events. We are also proud to have organised our first fully-fledged dance performance “Baroque Architecture and Submission” that will tour around Europe in 2020 and 2021. We are also proud that our pedagogical project MKP has been successful in launching exciting projects around Europe, South and central America.

We are now looking ahead to 2020 and we have many exciting and inspiring collaborations with our national and international network of organsiations. We look forward to welcoming you to a venue close to you soon. To see what we have prepared for 2020, please visit our Upcoming page.