Pic11Vision Forum has a long history of arranging exhibitions and performances. These are often interdisciplinary and experimental in nature. Most of these public events are discussed and evaluated in an academic setting and critically analysed in publications that are distributed in Europe, Asia and South America. Below you will find a selection of events that we have created since the beginning of the millenium.

• Transformation III, Chair de poule, Paris
• Liminal Beauty, Museum of Contemporary Art of Queretaro, Mexico
• Trickster Ceremony, Museum of Contemporary Art of Queretaro, Mexico

• Circle Squared, Zygote and EEGsynth at Le Café de Paris, Paris
• Vision Forum at Festival International d’Art Video in Casablanca, Morocco.
• Circle Squared and EEgsynth, La Generale, Paris
• A Clockwork Microbe, Verkstad konsthall, Norrköping, Sweden
• Do Trees Dream of CO2, Korpoström, Finland.
• EEGsynth. Le Cube Garges, Paris
• Do Trees Dream of CO2, Bioart Society, Helsinki.
• Zygote, Meteor 23, Bergen, Norway.
• Circle Squared, Le Cube Garges, Paris
• EEGsynth. Le Cube Garges, Paris
• LPJ-L, Unnaryds kyrka, Unnaryd, Sweden.
• Circle Squared, Unnaryds kyrka, Unnaryd, Sweden.
• Do Trees Dream of CO2, Teatermaskinen, Riddarhyttan, Sweden.
• Zygote, Teatermaskinen, Riddarhyttan, Sweden.
• Animist Journey, Teatermaskinen, Riddarhyttan, Sweden.
• Zygote, at ImPulsTanz in Vienna
• The Microbiome event – Science, Ethics and Art, GUM, Ghent, Belgium
• Zygote, public lake outside of Åkerberga, Stockholm county.
• Friendship in the Age of Gaslighting, AllArtNow, Stockholm
• Do Trees Dream of CO2, Kuntsi Art Museum, Vaasa, Finland
• Alpha Xiao, Hökarängens antikvariat, Stockholm
• Torsk på Tekniska, Tekniska museet, Stockholm
• Mira Miraculous at Elbirou Gallery in Sousse, Tunisia.
• AntlantisX, Governing Bodies, Sjöhistoriska museet, The Science festival in Gothenburg
• Zygote, Galeria Liberdad, Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico
• Mira Miraculous, Galeria Liberdad, Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico

• Ghetto Gucci, St. Kunigundis, Atis Resiztans, documenta fifteen, Kassel, Germany.
• Sensing Landmarks, Bergen School of Architecture, Bergen
• The Palliative Turn, Künstlerhaus Bremen, Bremen, Germany.
• Do Trees Dream of CO2, Earthwise, Ebeltoft, Denmark
• Ghetto Gucci, Weld, Stockholm
• Microbes and Emergence – Governing Bodies, Bioart Society and Akusmata, Helsingfors.
• Neu Oscillations, Vetenskapsfestivalen, Gotenburg
• The World Tree, 3031 Art Fest, Cairo
• Neu Oscillations, 3031 Art Fest, Cairo
• In Search of Role Models, AllArtNow, Stockholm
• Role Mother, Rawabat Theater; Cairo
• Beyond Prestige, Rawabat Theater, Cairo

• Noise of the Sacred and Profane, Index, Stockholm.
• An Infinite Love, Chatenet, Paris.
• Sensing Landmarks, Nordic Art Lab, Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki
• The Day Porter, APL, Kl.9, Stockholm
• Governing Bodies, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Blågårdens bibliotek etc. Copenhagen
• A Palliative Turn, Brandenburger Kunstverein, Potsdam
• Body Archeaology Ufterstudios, Berlin
• Solo Market, Berlin
• An infinite Love, Kl.9, Stockholm
• Dark Matter, Golden Door, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm.
• Governing Bodies, Östersund
• 3K, Konstnärshuset, Kl.9., Stockholm
• Vending Machine, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
• An infinite Love, Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva.

• Delta, Performances for sleeping audiences, Bologna and Marzabotto, Italy.
• Consciousness and Peformance, Gremio Caldense, Igreja do Espírito Santo, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.
• 2084, Catalysti, The Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.
• Power, Publics, Helsinki, Finland.
• Gold all in my Veins, Old Mine Residency, Outokumpu, Finland.
• Transformation II, online festival with P-node and Antivirus radio.
• Monitorn, Helicotrema, Villaggio Artigiano di Modena Ovest, Italy.
• The Nature inside, Media Artes and Italienska Palatset, Växjö, Sweden.
• Transversal Madness, F4Libre, Cuarnevaca, Mexico
• Transversal Madness, El Dia D, Mexico City
• diSEULTOS, Roma 303, Mexico City

• Revolution Hub, The 6th Ghetto Biennial, Port au Prince, Haiti.
• Transdisciplinary Romanticism, Satyrianas festival, Sao Paulo, Brasilien.
• Start in the Middle, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
• Andouilette, Aaalto University, Espoo, Finland
• EEGsynth, Akusmata, Helsinki, Finland
• Aqua Viva, Gremio Caldense, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
• Are You Touched, Energiverket, Jakobstad, Finland.
• Tilt Platform, Loutraki, Greece
• Transdisciplinary Romanticism, Bergen Assembly, Bergen, Norway
• Transformation, Stockholm, R1, KTH och Under Broen, Stockholm, Sweden
• Are You Touched, Kulturnatten,, Stockholm, Sweden
• AnAtatomic, 1+1=3, Kulturhuset fyren, Kungsbacka, Sweden
• Grymhetens konst, Verkstad konsthall och Linköpings universitet, Norrköping, Sweden
• Baroque Architecture and Submission, Tegelscenen, Stockholm, Sweden
• Grymhetens konst, Kulturnatten,, Stockholm, Sweden
• V8skan, Nobelmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden
• AnAtatomic, 1+1=3, Folkteatern, Göteborg, Sweden
• Baroque Architecture and Submission, Dansens hus, Stockholm, Sweden
• New Eyes, Pulqueria Insurgentes, Mexico City, Mexico
• EEGsynth, Semaine de Cerveau, Brest, France

• Whispering Catastrophe, Flam at RongWrong, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
• New Eyes på Rönnells antikvariat, Stockholm.
• Symbiotic Solaris Stations, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Baroque Architecture, Dansstationen, Malmö.
• Cogito final performance (with EEGsynth), Dwingelo, the Netherlands.
• Vårt behov av tröst,, Stockholm and Energiverket, Jakobstad, Finland
• The Boundaries of Death Challenged, Fristaden Stockholm; Lenin, Murmansk, Russia; Ä’vv Skolt Sami Museum, Neiden; Terminal B in Kirkenes, and Putte’s Bar & Pizza Helsinki.
• The Electric Brain, Biblioteque Charcot, Paris, France
• Hemispherics, Iklecktik, London, UK
• Second Square Makers, Carreau du Temple, Paris, France
• La folie numerique, La villette, Paris, France

• Native Foreigners, Museo Jumex, Mexico City in collaboration with med Documenta 14 and De Appel
• Local Minima, Fullersta Gård, Huddinge.
• Start in the Middle, Performance at AlbumArte, Rome, Italy; Energiverket Jakobstad, Finland; St. Pierre, France and Galleri Fagerstedt, Stockholm
• Wayob, Galleri Fagerstedt, Stockholm
• 1 +1=3, Rönnells antikvariart, Stockholm and Konsthallen Växjö.

• Untitled Performance, with 1 +1=3 with Marcos Lutyens, 5 Car Garage, Los Angeles, USA
• Ohio Impromptu Revamped, with 1 +1=3, A Ship in the Woods, San Diego, USA
• Untitled Performance, 1 +1=3, with The Science of Consciousness, The University of Arizona, Tucson, USA
• The Shift, Flat Time House, London, UK
• Vidéo Capitale, Champlitte, France

• V8skan, Nobelmuseet, Stockholm
• What is Potential? Wellcome Collection Reading Room, London, UK
• The Dream of the Palace, Hallwylska museet, Stockholm
• OuUnPo Sweden, The Fugue, Bonniers konsthall, Hallwylska Museet, IASPIS etc., Stockholm
• Assembly Line Project, Systenence Systems Jiading and V Art Center, Shanghai, China
• Assured Stability, V Art Center, Shanghai, China
• Human Parallells, Collateral Event, Biennale Jogja XIII, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• Back to the Trees, Forêt de Chaux, Le Saline Royale, France

• We Are what We Have Lost, OuUnPo Sao Paulo, MAM, Pinacoteca, Videobrasil etc.
• Normalcy, Moderna Bar, Moderna Museet, Stockholm
• What is Potential? Wellcome Collection Reading Room, London, UK
• Poseidon will Recreate Lake Texcoco, Alam +Petrov and Villa Punk, Mexico City in collaboration with the City of Mexico DF and the Embassy of Sweden in Mexico.
• OuUnPoeïsis, Gibellina Nuova, Sicily, Italy in collaboration with the Fondazione Orestiadi and C.R.E.S.M.
• Volume, 98weeks, Assabil Libraries, The National Library Archive etc., Beirut, Lebanon.
• Change and Exchange, Halle 50, Werkstattkino Munich, in collaboration with FCAC Shanghai and Collaboration Project Munich.

• Is Misunderstanding Misunderstood, 3rd Ghetto Bienniale, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
• OuUnPo Japan, Godzilla and the Phoenix, Mori Art Museum, Spiral, Bankart 1929 and other venues in Tokyo and Yokohama.
• Transmedia, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
• La Camera Horloge, Borealis, Artoteque, Bayeux, France.
• Unhidden, Valerie Lambert Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
• An Opera in Five Acts, David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK
• Malleability is Architecture’s Neighbour, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai.

• Think Again, Mingshen Museum and FCAC, Shanghai, China.
• The Entremet, The Museum of Contemporary Art Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France
• Speech and What Archive, Convivio, Micro Onde, Centre for Contemporary Art, l’Onde, Vélizy-Villacoublay, France
• Speech and What Archive, Avant Spectacle A Micro Medicine Show event for the exhibition La Ronde curated by Emilie Renard, Centre for Contemporary Art, Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel, France
• Time Capsules and Conditions of Now, Curated by Fatos Ustek, David Roberts Art Foundation, London
• Speech and What Archive, Speech Objects, a four part exhibition at le Musée de l’Objet, Blois, France
• Speech and What Archive, A Floating Conversation, performance, CNEAI, Paris, France
Excentricité, Besançon Observatory, Besançon, France
• Neither You nor Me, Hallwylska museet and Tekniska Museet, Stockholm.

• Community without Propinquity (curated by Claire Louise Staunton), MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK
• Quantum Police, curated by Anne Klontz, The Old Police Station and Cartel, London, UK
• Speech and What archive, Medicine Show Rotterdam, Paola Pivi’s GRRR JAMMING SQUEEK, Rotterdam, Holland
• (In)Visible Dialogues, curated by Lena Boëthius, Konstakademien, Stockholm, Sweden
• Speech and What archive, Speech Objects #3, Musée de l’objet, Blois, France
• Quantum Police, curated by Anne Klontz, Valerie Lambert Gallery, Brussels; DKTUS Stockholm and Putting Out the Fire with Gasoline, Manufactura’s Studio, Wuhan
• Speech and What archive, Medicine Show Avante Spectacle, La Ferme du Buisson, Paris, France

• >Unknown, curated by Alessandra Sandrolini, Zendai Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall, Shanghai, China
• Imminent, curated by Cecilia Canziani, Fei Art Center, Shanghai, China
• 0K – in 5 Acts The Flat Time House, London, UK
• This Image Is No More, GOOD TV, Wu Dao Ying Hu Tong, Beijing, China.
• Dynasty, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
• The Invisible Generation, Les Kurbas Center, Kiev, Ukraine.
• Simultaneity, Curated by Anne Klontz, Rumänska kulturinstitutet, Stockholm and Platform China, Beijing.
• The Invisible Generation, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (with Yan Jun)
• Imminent

• The Invisible Generation, OCAT, Shenzhen, China
• News for Tomorrow, Yan Jun, Beijing, China (With Birdcage, Paris)
• The Invisible Generation, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
• Do not Go Gentle ERBA and Musée du temps, Besançon, France”
• Calabi-Yau Presents, Gerlesborgsskolan, Sweden; FACT, Liverpool and VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne (3 parallel exhibitions in 3 countries).
• INH-SZ Temporary Project Space, Shenzhen.

• (Anti)Realism, Norrköpings konsthall, Norrköping, Sweden, ERBA Besançon, France and Adele C, Rome, Italy
• Vision Forum, 1:1 Projects and Lift gallery, Rome, Italy
• Filling the City with Dreams, Zendai MOMA, Shanghai, China.
• Oiseau d’été, Galerie de la Butte, Paris, France
• Nothing’s gonna change my world, 1:1 Projects/Swiss Institute, Rome, Italy

2007 (as Curatorial Mutiny)
• Democracy and Desire II, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
• Catharsis, RaidFC, Los Angeles, USA
• Privé och Publico, Galleri 54, Göteborg, Sweden
• Private Parts, Museet för glömska, Norrköping, Sweden
• Evolution de L’art, Evolution de L’art, Bratislava, Slovakia
• Plausible Artworlds, ICA, Philadelphia, USA

2006 (as Curatorial Mutiny)
• Xiao Yao You, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
• Tundro, Contemporary Art Gallery, National Museum, Szczecin, Poland
• Repetitive Time, Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Gothenburg, Sweden
• GYBE!, (Videofeed) Vacio 9, Madrid, Spain
• Open Mike (Performance), Vacio 9, Madrid, Spain
• Participate? Kraftstationen Drags, Norrköping, Sweden

2005 (as Curatorial Mutiny)
• Participate? Basekamp, Philadelphia, USA
• Participate? Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China
• Meandering and Circling, NORD Kultur, Backfabrik, Berlin, Germany
• Institute of Contemporary Agora II, ICA, London, UK
• La Cure II, Parc Saint Léger/Centre d’Art Contemporain, Pougues-les-Eaux, France
• CopyFight, Centre d’Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain
• Curating Degree Zero, Spike Island, Bristol; International Project space, Birmingham; Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland; Artspace, Imperial College, London, UK; Sparwasser HQ, Berlin, Germany, Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea (2005- 2007)