More Diversity in Our Universe


Vision Forum is proud to announce that our project Governing Bodies has been awarded a grant from Längmanska kulturfonden to develop a catalogue that documents the project’s interdisciplinary work. Together the participants share a fascination for microbes and how humanity’s increased knowledge about them is changing the understanding of who we are and our place in the world. The group takes its starting point in contemporary medical research on microorganisms and people like researcher Stig Bengmark who promotes eating habits that support the human microbiota (the microbes whom we live in symbiosis with), biologist Lynn Margulis who has shown that symbiosis is just as important as competition in evolution and political theorist Elizabeth Povinelli who discusses the humans relationship to living and non living organisms.  All three underline that our understanding of how our bodies function and what a human being is, is changing rapidly. Human beings can no longer be considered to be individuals, they need to be perceived as ecosystems who live in symbiosis with a very large number of microbes. We hope to be able to publish the book in autumn 2021.

Our partner organisation Tomorrow’s Art Audiences has also been awarded a grant from Längmanska kulturfonden. They will look into how can art become more involved in fostering more nuanced environmental and social discussions. In order to achieve this goal they  will invite Tiokasin Ghosthorse to Sweden. He is a teacher, musician and international spokesman for environment, peace and the global issues affecting the indigenous peoples of North America. Tiokasin has been an activist and voice for the Lakota people all his life. He is the founder and host of First Voices Radio. In 2016, Tiokasin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and is inducted into the National Native American Hall of Fame. As soon as travel becomes possible, Tiokasin will come to Sweden.