In the Wake of Covid-19


The Covid-19 pandemic has devastating effect on human life, society and economy. Vision Forum is engaged in an international and interdisciplinary project to dampen the impact of the disease. The endeavour is now involving partners in Sweden, in France and Finland. We are also currently negotiating with partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark to expand the project in those countries.

The project brings together research in epidemiology and other fields such as biochemistry and psychiatry in order to see how simple changes in diet along with certain food supplements can boost the body’s natural immune system. Current research indicates that intake of certain prebiotic and probiotic substances can make humans more resistant to inflammation and therefore also to the onset of viruses such as Covid-19. We see the project as an important contribution to learn from the ongoing pandemic and to make humanity better equipped for future threats.

For more information contact project coordinator: Per Huttner

+46 70 728 0018 (Sweden) or +33 699 31 53 22 (France)

or project manager Rudi Heinrichsen on info (at)