Baroque Umwelt

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Artists from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany are joining together virtually for the second of the three Umwelt workshops in Stockholm.¬† The Baroque poems of von Hoffmannswaldau form the foundation for guided walks in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Berlin that the group undertake together – looking into the umwelt of each city. The work takes place on three different occasions. During the workshops that lead up to the walks, the members of the group make research using the poems to develop individual guided tours. Everyone will then join on the last day of the workshop to follow each others lead through the four cities. Each participant chooses the place and route for where the guided tour¬†takes place. Each person is also free to stages the guided tour according his/her own desire. The workshops also include a presentation by Nicolas von Passavant on von Hoffmannswaldau’s poems as well as some examples from art history on guided tours by Carola Uehlken. If you are interested in joining the final guided tours, please contact Carima Neusser (carima.neusser [at] or Rudi Heinrichsen (info [at]