Join an artistic guided tour in Stockholm, June 9 and 10

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Barbara Polla, Joakim Forsgren and Per Hüttner present an exhibition project in three-parts in collaboration with SKF/Konstnärshuset, Kl. 9 and Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Artistic guided tours form an integral part of the project and will take place on June 9 and 10 June. The walks take their inspiration from surgery and love. One of the most obvious and hushed up features of being a medical doctor, is the love for the other’s body. This love can transform the violence of the scalpel into healing care. The artist can similarly transform the ugly, discarded and unwanted into something aesthetically pleasing that moves his/her audience’s emotions.

During the walk through central Stockholm, the visitor meets the artists, a doctor, a surgeon who together reflect on art and surgery in poetic and sometimes provocative ways. Personal thought, experiences and stories are interwoven with the starting point in the exhibitions. They also draw from history and architecture that manifests itself in the city. The project is a unique opportunity to meet art, the urban fabric and gain new perspective on how ontologies become visible through the unusual meeting between science and art.

You, dear visitor, can sign up for the guided tours by finding a free slot at ( Then you send an email with your name, the time you want to attend along with your phone number to ( But hurry up, there is a limited number of slots available.  The guided tour is in Swedish or English according to your desires. The project forms a part of “An Infinite Love” and is supported by the Swedish Arts Council.
Works by the following artists form a part of the project:

Barbara Polla, Roxane Varone, Per Hüttner, Rita Natarova, Joakim Forsgren, Andreas Hiroui Larsson, Julien Serve, Mehdi Harzallaoui, Alpha Xiao, Ikram Abdulkadir, Anna-Lisa Fransson and Marja-leena Sillanpää.