Workshops on Affective Touch


Vision Forum and its partner MKP will organise a series of workshops that investigate how contemporary research on affective touch can be used for new forms of expressions and investigations in the arts. Contemporary research in Neuroscience shows that inter-personal touch is getting pushed out of our everyday lives. This trend leads to social problems and poses a threat to people’s well-being. The current project brings together visual artists, choreographers, creators in theatre, neuroscience and representatives of alternative medicine to a set of workshops in Stockholm.

The events will take place at our partners’ venues: Karolinska institutet, Tegelscen and


Gabriel Widing (Theatre director) Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness (Choreographer) Malin Björnsdotter (Neuroscientist) Olav Westphalen (Visual artist) Annemarie Goldschmidt (Specialized Kinesiologist) Per Huttner (Visual artist) Emilia Rota (Fashion designer) and Carima Neusser (Choreographer).

The project is supported by the City of Stockholm.