Virtual in Leicester, Virtual in Space

Virtual in Leicester, Virtual in Space

Virtual Fieldwork @ University of Leicester, BA, BSc Creative Computing

On Monday November 9, the COGITO team will meet virtually in Leicester to present our work as part of Balandino Di Donato’s course on creative computing. It is an opportunity for Stephen Whitmarsh to revisit the artistic history and context of the work we do with 1+1=3 using the EEGsynth. In preparation Stephen has been reading through some interesting literature:

Here you find Stephen’s abstract:

Interstellar Music

I will introduce the use of EEG measurements, as well as other electromagnetic sources, in art and music. Starting with seminal EEG-based performances from the 60s and 70s by Alvin Lucier, David Roosenboom and Erkki Kurenniem, I will show how invisible electromagnetic signals became part of human experience through art. We then arrive at the contemporary conception of feedback loops in brain-computer-interfaces, in particular brain-computer-music-interfaces. In such scientific and artistic installations, our human experience is integrated as our brain becomes both instrument and audience, subject and object. Using our performances using EEG in sound and music, I will then show how the Cogito project presents the latest development in artistic use of EEG signals, extending the feedback system beyond the brain, the earth and even our solar system. I will end with a reflection by David Roosenboom about how music actually provides tests for terrestrial and extraterrestrial intelligence, and a paradigm for communication.

Aims and outcomes

The fieldwork is divided into two sessions. It aims to provide insights into the making of collaborative SciArt projects by media artist Daniela de Paulis. The students will learn about the process of sharing methodologies and knowledge among artists and scientists. Students will participate in a virtual field trip to international scientific facilities in the field of neuroscience and radio astronomy, and to learn about data collecting and data analysis. Focusing on innovative combinations of artistic and scientific methods, the two sessions will offer the students an overview of different approaches in data collecting and data analysis.