Transformation program made public

transformation test_oneplusone_stockholm

We are proud to announce that the first program for “Transformation” in Stockholm is online! Join us for concerts, talks and lots of fun at R1 and Trädgården May 30-June 1.

Transformation takes its starting point in the EEGsynth technology and centers on transformations between music ↔ body, brain ↔ body, sound ↔ music, triggers ↔ events, matter ↔ energy, digital ↔ analogue. The events will move between underground experiences in R1 and sunny meetings at Trädgården, featuring seminal figures in experimental music, neuroscience and performance-art in cross-disciplinary dialogues and multimedia performances.

Performances and talks include: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, David Rosenboom, Severine Samson and Dungeon Acid. Find the whole program here.