Touching Finland

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We are happy and proud to announce that our project Morgondagens konstpublik has been rewarded support from Svenska kulturfonden in Helsinki to continue working with touch in visual arts and dance.

Human touch traditionally plays a hidden role in the visual arts. However, we see that interactive artwork, video and performance create opportunities for art to approach touch artistcally. The project is a platform for investigating how touch can play a more central role within the genre. An interdisciplinary group of Swedish and Finnish artists will together investigate how touch can be used to find new artistic expressions during one week’s workshops in Österbotten. Through collaboration between dancers / choreographers and visual artists, the group gets access to exercises on how touch can be investigated. A selected group of 8-12 artists work together for 5 days.

The workshop work is led by choreographers and visual artists who have long experience of interdisciplinary work and the project develops new cultural dialogues between Swedish-speaking groups in Finland and Sweden.