Tomorrow’s Democracy


Vision Forum will organize a dozen performance workshops to reflect on how democracy can develop to fit tomorrow’s world. The workshops bring together young professional artists working with choreography, visual arts, music along with experienced peers. Together the group investigates the difference between power on the one hand and constraints to others.

To work with constraints is not power. There is a difference in nature between power and constraints. Power means trying to get a person to do what I want in order to gain something from that persons actions. Constraints on the other hand, are there for members of a group to find freedom to: discover, create, think independently and to grow together with the others.

The method allows each artist to see his/her own role in a society and in a historical and political flow. The process gives them space to reflect on what is unique about them as individuals as well as what is universally human in their lives. How can we discover:  Which impact can an individual have on society? How does society influence the individual?

We go deeper by engaging in somatic practices in order to understand how power is enforced on the human body. What are there for contemporary and historical traces of power on the body and in our immediate surroundings? The questions are especially relevant to young artists since they are developing an artistic practice. The project wants to support them in this process by raising questions related to the mechanisms that enables political populism to grow with starting point in Stanley Milgram‘s ground-breaking work.