The Revolution Hub





- A Vision Forum project for the 6th Ghetto Biennale by Pierre Adler, Jean-Claude Saintilus, Steevens Simeon, Olav Westphalen, Jean-Louis Huhta, Nanna Dalunde, Carima Neusser, Carola Uehlken, Emilia Rota and Per Huttner in collaboration with the local community.


For the 6th Ghetto Biennale a group of Haitian, Swedish, German and French artists from visual art, dance, music, film, fashion and design will construct a hub in the Ghetto, called The Revolution Hub. This hub constitutes a platform for collaboration across genres.


The Revolution Hub carries out performative investigations and creates artistic performances. It is a place where artists bring ideas and where these can meet the local community and be moulded into performances. Together the participants will investigate the relationship between performance and revolutionary traditions. All revolutions have had a strong performative expressions and clearly defined aesthetics. Revolutionaries develop revolutionary music, visual art, choreographies and fashion to enthuse the people and impress its enemies. The Revolution Hub investigates how these traditions can be studied and used as platforms for new performances. It asks how revolutionary traditions can be used to create new artistic expressions practices that mould European and Haitian traditions into new mixes?

The Revolution Hub provides the participating artists with visual, sonic and text documentation from historical revolutions and slave revolts. In the Revolution Hub there will be workshops for music (traditional, amplified and electrified) as well as opportunities to make homemade instruments. There will be singing and choir workshops. There will be workshops for costume making where the hub offers material, knowledge and tools for making performance costumes for anyone who wants. There will be choreography and dance classes. The Revolution Hub will also offer text and speech writing workshops, facilities and will also perform interviews with the local participants about the Hub’s topics and practices. Each workshop is lead by one or more experienced artists from the field and everyone is welcome – young as old, experienced and novice.

These different performative building blocks gradually be assembled and reassembled into performances that will be presented publicly throughout the biennale. These will range from poetry readings, individual dances, one-person performances to performances involving music, singing and choreographies/performances in special costumes. These will span from informal work-in-progress presentations to participatory as well as more “finished” performances developed during the biennale.

The Revolution Hub needs a space/place to carry out its activities (if possible with walls and electricity in Grand Rue or Rue Magazin de l’état). The Hub will provide materials, basic instruments, basic sound recording equipment as well as a sound system for performances/concerts. Vision Forum will look for funding to pay for these expenses as well as travel and fees for the artists who lead workshops in The Revolution Hub.


The Revolution Hub is supported by The Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish Art Grants Committee.