The first Vision Forum workshop took place at 1:1 Projects in Rome, 12-14 September 2008. 1:1 Projects is a network of independent art producers and curators. The space in Piazza Scipione Ammirato was the base camp during the nomadic three days. The Italian hosts from left: Daniele Balit, Davide Franceschini, Stefano, Adrienne Drake and Cecilia Canziani.

Day 2: The Vision Forum participants on the Roman metro en route to tram no 19. The tram's trajectory was the foundation for a Vivisezioneurbana staged by the architect group Formazero. Loulou Cherinet is documenting the voices and sound from the metro. The sounds eventually became the base for a performance at The Lift Gallery.

The group waiting for tram no 19. Christoph Lang makes himself useful by holding the umbrella protecting Michele Maccui who was unanimously elected "Il Presidente" for the duration of the weekend ad most likely for the rest of his life.

The whole group found themselves alone in the old and beautiful trams, traversing, mapping, connecting and reflecting on Rome and the structures of the contemporary city.

Antonio Venti is talking about his and Formazero's public art installation, "Sotovoci- Notes from the Underground". The installation creates sound from the wind and discusses the statue of the homeless people in the contemporary urban context. The permanent installation is situated in a university and student area in Rome.

The "Swedish delegation": Juan Pedro Fabra, Michele Masucci and Loulou Cherinet in front of a sculpture in a public park in a Roman suburb. A stop during the Vivisezioneurbana.

The "L&L drink" is a recurring event during all workshops. At 1:1 Projects a Freudian question time was organised with Lisa Boström and Louise Nilsson. They interviewed each of the participants individually to collect material for the documentation of the workshop.

Lotje van Lieshout, Natasha Rosling and Per Hüttner in the Lift Galley. An improvised and hugely successful performance evening was held in the Lift Gallery in the occasion of La Notte Bianchi a culture night in Rome. As the evening progressed the line of local residents who wanted to participate in the performance events grew steadily longer. The gallery is situated in the lift of an apartment building. The one or two visitors to the performance found themselves squeezed into the tiny space with a performer as the lift went up and down.

Day 3: Reflecting on the first Vision Forum workshop 2008 during the Sunday brunch and video screening with works by participating artsts at 1to1 projects. Christoph Lang and Susanne Sauter also presented the program for the Zürich workshop and asking the participants to submit videos for the meeting in Switzerland.

After a morning with long and rewarding discussions the group enjoy Sachi Miyachi´s performance on Piazza Scorpione. The artist used the public nature of the square, water and people to create a strong, poetic and intimate event.

Adrienne Drake taking a sip on Sachi Miyachi´s special Rome concoction. A soup binding together Sachi´s memories from the Vivisezioneurbana by foot, Rome's history and Sachi's own special and intimate addition.