TRAVELS, Editors: Louise Nilsson & Lisa Boström Graphic design: Karl dos Santos Contributors: Hu Fang, Lillian Fellman, Marie Husson, Per Hüttner, Louise Höjer, Mako Ishizuka, Anna Kleberg, Björn Kusoffsky, Niklas Lundell, Isin Onol and Alessandra Sandrolini. 63 pages.

ISBN 978-91-633-7199-8. Price 15 euro
SWANewspaper, 16 pages, colour, edited by Anna Hess et al (Speech and What Archive).

Published by A Constructed World 2011.

The Invisible Generation, ed. Gerrie van Noord, design Marie Proyard, with texts by Gerrie van Noord, Daniele Balit and Olav Westphalen.

Published by Vision Forum, Stockholm, Sweden 2011.

ISBN 978-91-978934-2-8. Price 18 euro.
The Imminent Interviews, with a text by Cecilia Canziani, interviews by Wang Dan and Li Xiaofei; Language: English and Chinese.

Published by Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai and Vision Forum 2011.

ISBN 978-91-978934-4-2. Price 10 euro
(In)visible dialogues, Edited by Elias Arnér and Per Hüttner, 240 pages, design by åbäke with contributions by A Constructed World, Richard Allalouf, Andy Cox, Laurent Devèze, Yan Jun, Arijana Kajfes, Natalia Kamia, Konrad Kaufmann, Hugo Lagercrantz, Ebbot Lundberg, Sandra Masur, Predrag Petrović, Samon Takahashi, Véronique Wiesinger and åbäke. 

Published by Dent-de-Leone 2011.

ISBN 978-91-978934-3-5 and ISBN 978-0-9561885-5-7. Price 25 euro.