The hosts of the Vision Forum workshop in Amsterdam: Lotje van Lieshout, Natasha Rosling and Sachi Miyachi.

The notion of utopia was the starting point of the Amsterdam workshop. The discussion started the first evening in the apartment of Lotje van Lieshout. It soon became that the interpretations of what utopia means were greatly varied and often incompatible.

Louise Nilsson and Lisa Boström presented their Super Future Rome Map. An interpretation from The Rome workshop. The first Vision Forum workshop that took place in September.

Day 2: The arrival at the venue for the workshop, 15 minutes by train from the Central station in Amsterdam. The industrial building used to be a cookie factory and it has been turned into a space for a group of artists which have their studios in the former factory.

Inside the factory. The participants of the workshop were divided into three different groups. Each found their own interpretation of what utopia means and created three dimensional objects using the material provided.

Some of the material and tools that were provided by the organisers.

Per Hüttner, Lotje van Lieshout and Antonio Venti in conversation about the meaning of utopia.

Sachi Miyachi and Louise Nilsson developing a physical manifestation of utopia using organic materials.

Andrea Jordi and Natasha Rosling with utopian mind constructions that would spread utopia between the bearers of the elaborate hats

Lunchbreak in utopia cookie factory.

Presentation of one of the group's work involving the development of a third human gender. From the left: Lotje van Lieshout, Daniele Balit, Natasha Rosling, Sachi Miyachi , Adrienne Drake and Antonio Venti.

Ljburg tour with Thijs de Zeeuw and Frank Rietveld. Architects based in Amsterdam guided the group in the surroundings of the new area Ijburg.

Thijs de Zeeuw presenting Ljburg in map over Amsterdam.

Day 3: On the final day discussions about utopia, art and architecture continued in the morning. The workshop was rounded off with a war where each group tried to destroy the other utopias. Neither of the groups finally claimed victory even though "trojan hats" and STDs were used in the ruthless warfare.

A floating utopia summarizes the Amsterdam workshop. Next workshop is Zürich in November!