Robotics and the Gut


Vision Forum is investigating the possibilities to further our research through a dialogue between visual art,  neuroscience, psychology and robotics. We work with Bristol Robotics Lab and Rusty Squid. The Vision Forum team involves participants who have worked with us for a long time with projects such as OuUnPo, the EEGsynth and with projects at the Wellcome Collection in London.

The interests range from brain-gut coupling to swarm-robotics, edible artwork and how these can interlink with metaphysical questions and narrative. Meetings have been held in Bristol, Paris and another meeting with a public presentation is planned for Stockholm in autumn 2017.



Per Huttner

Vilma Luostarinen

David Mcgoran

Natasha Rosling

Stephen Whitmarsh

Alan Winfield


The project is supported by the City of Stockholm.