Please note that we do not currently receive residents for Norrköping Air.

Norrköping Air is our residency program and is organised by Vision Forum, Verkstad konsthall and Linköpings universitet. The program has been running since summer 2013 has been supported by IASPIS, Norrköpings kommun, Nordic Culture Point and Region Östergötland.

What kind of artistic practice are we looking for?

Norrköping Air focuses specifically on time-based art and process-based practices. We are particularly interested in work that can be presented in public spaces of the urban landscape or work that is site-specific, experimental and challenges or looks for alternatives to existing ideas, forms and norms.
* We are looking for projects to be developed in tandem with the other two residents’ practices and in dialogue with Norrköping Air’s partners in the region.

What do we offer?

* Each selected resident will receive a cash grant every month during the three months the residency lasts.
* We offer accommodation and at least one return ticket to the artist’s country of residence*.
* We provide access to production facilities at Linköpings universitet (mostly digital) as well as access to other work space(s).
* Each successful applicant will have an opportunity to show the work publicly with one of our partners in Norrköping and/or region.
* The grant includes a very small budget for production and a public presentation (that we try to enlarge in collaboration with the selected creator).


How do we work?

We ask the applicants to Norrköping Air to write a project description that describes a coherent project and at the same time, remains open so that it can be developed in collaboration with a curator, other artists or other collaborators so that it can be shown with one of Norrköping Air’s partners in the region.

Norrköping Air puts great emphasis that the applicant should be willing to collaborate with the local art scene(s) and institutions that the residency is connected to. During the residency, the applicant should develop work that ideally will be shown in the months after the residency. The residency focuses on collaborations and dialogues with the cultural life of Norrköping including; KSM at Linköping University, Vision Forum, Norrköping Art Museum, Verkstad, Museum of Forgetting, Rejmyre Art LAB, other institutions as well as other individual creators in the region. The residents should be able to present and conduct a seminar/lecture at KSM, Linköpings universitet in conjunction with the residency of public presentation as well as explore the possibilities of collaborating with staff and students at KSM. Currently, a small project budget is available for making and presenting work, but Norrköping Air will actively seek to secure funding for production and find local sponsors and partners for the proposed project  

For questions about the residency and application procedure contact Susanne Ewerlöf: Susanne susanne.ewerlof (at)>.

For more information about Norrköping Air and previous residents.