Program for 2nd set of workshops


- Friday April 26, 18.30

Vision Forum offices: Pipersgatan 26.

•   Arrival: Introduction to the weekend, new participants and events.
•  Starter with exercise with Gabriel Widing.
•  Main course
•  Dessert and discussions about/preparations for how we make a collective version of Emilia’s exercise (See further program for Saturday evening).

- Saturday April 26, 11.00

(, Körsbärsvägen 9, nb, 114 23 Stockholm metro:Tekniska högskolan)
•  Coffee
•  Exercise with Gabriel Widing.
•  Short reflection by Per on touch and Native American ontologies – mental food for future reflection…
•  Late lunch/early dinner At  Vision Forum offices (Pipersgatan 26)
•   17.30 Travel to with bus. (, Körsbärsvägen 9, nb, 114 23 Stockholm metro: Tekniska högskolan)
•    Collective and public version of Emilia’s exercise at Part of “Kulturnatten”. We are going to collective re-stage Emilia’s execise in the small studio at We will start by allowing those who did not participate last time to try it out.

- Sunday April 27, 11.00
AllArtNow Lab, Älvkarleövägen 6, 115 43, Stockholm (a 5-minute walk from Ropsten metro station)
•  Coffee
•   Workshop by Olav Westphalen
•   Summary and discussion about future events together.
•   Departure