OuUnPo and Sicily

OuUnPoïesis will be the third OuUnPo session dedicated to the topic of «Catastrophe and Heritage» and will take place in the town of Gibellina Nuova (Sicily) in collaboration with the Fondazione Orestiadi and the C.R.E.S.M. (Economical and Social Research Center for the South).

The session is organised by Claudia Squitieri and Raffaella della Olga and will take place May 11-18. They write:

“Our main desire was to set up a session which would enable us to work and invent together. It seemed to us we had to address the question of collective performances, having turned out to be one of OuUnPo’s main characteristics and allow the group to experience a more intimate work session. This is the reason why OuUnPoïesis is set to be a laboratory platform articulated around two main axes:

- A discussion around the publication, the Sao Paolo and the Stockholm session.
- A workshop to elaborate a collective action that will be presented as central event of the local European Night of Museums.”

A series of guests will be present during the session. Here you will find more info about OuUnPo and OuUnPoïesis.