Ö at Normalcy in Stockholm

Vision Forum node Ö – A Möbius Trip will participate at Normalcy Bar at Moderna Bar April 25, 2014, Moderna Museet, Skeppsholmen, with Radio Ö.

In 2011, a group of artists embarked on a trip in the Stockholm archipelago in search of a lost island. According to marine archaeologist Atle Baekken, the existence of this island had been kept alive in myth and song within the old villages of the archipelago. But the knowledge of its exact location has been lost as the archipelago has now been transformed from a place of subsistence (fishing, farming, etc.) to a gigantic touristic resort attracting thousands of sailors and wealthy owners of summer homes every year.

In an attempt to rediscover the lost island, in 2013, 8 artists set out on an expedition to follow its traces. On this trip, one hundred guests were invited to testify the discovery. The stories and sounds left behind by this expedition is all that is left. We then remember Radio Nord, a pirate radio station boat anchored on the edge of the archipelago in the late 60s. From there, the story of the island will be revealed…or not.

For the Normalcy project, we will build a pirate radio station on the floats off Skeppsholmen on a frequency that will ‘disturb’ existing radio signals in the Stockholm air space. A listening station will be setup at the Moderna Bar. Should this pirate radio fail, or should we be caught by the police, the knowledge of the island will be lost forever. (But the broadcasts will be available as podcasts on the web.)

Radio Ö is performed by the radio team composed of Mats Hjelm and Samon Takahashi, with special appearances by Jean-Louis Huhta and Cecilia Ahlqvist. The action is curated by Isabel Löfgren and Per Hüttner and is executed in collaboration with Mare Liberum (Jens Evaldsson, Lisa Gideonsson, Marja Knape and Gustaf Londré).

More info: The Ö project was initated in 2011 by isabel Löfgren and Per Hüttner within the framework of Vision Forum. Participating artists are: Camila Sposati, Andrea Hvistendahl & Atle Baekken, Marcia Moraes & Egill Saebjornesson, Valerio del Baglivo, Cecilia Ahlqvist, Samon Takahashi, Lillevän Pobjoy, Isabel Löfgren and Per Hüttner.  Click here for more information about the project.