Meet this year’s Norrköping Air residents at Verkstad

Welcome to meet this year’s residents, 5-8 pm, Friday July 25 at Verkstad in Norrköping You will be introduced to the resident artists Unni Gjertsen (Norway) and Sindri Leifsson (Iceland) They will share their ongoing work and give brief introductions to their current practice.UNNI GJERTSEN is interested in how positioning in space relates to power and knowledge.. In the work “Moves for Norrköping (2013)” she invited local youths to interpret and present her work as experts and guides on four different sites in the city. Each place, for instance the Town Hall and the Art Museum, expresses authority and is a site for negotiation of power. In her on going work she has met with the young residents of Norrköping again to discuss their experiences and thee issues further. Moves for Norrköping was produced with support from Norrköping Art Museum as part of their 100-year celebration and the exhibition Acting in the City.

SINDRI LEIFSSON’S work deals with the concept of labour and takes the form of constant activities. His work in Norrköping consists of endless art making in the shape of performances in public space, interventions in the industrial landscape of Norrköping and transformations of objects. His work and research is presented online.

The international residency program Norrköping AIR runs for the third time during the summer 2015 and we are delighted to host our current residents who are both staying in Norrköping until the end of September.