Local Role Models in Cairo


Vision Forum together with our partners, Out of the Circle, H2 and AllArtNow are proud to announce the program for Local Role Models in Cairo January 2-8. In “Local Role Models” performances and workshops will become catalysts to spread positive ideas, stories and unique life journeys from the MENA region. The collective work methods ensure that local narratives survive and thrive. The artists’ creative interpretations of the narratives further strengthen their individual potential and spreads them in the local communities where they originate.

The workshops will be organised in Cairo and Stockholm . In them, a select group of artists (from visual art, music and dance) from Sweden, Syria, Egypt and Morocco will work together to address the project’s issues. Artistically and practically, we focus on performance rather than exhibitions. Performance, with its immediacy, can generate important public impact with small means. Performances also enable artists to use digital technology and information resources in creative ways which is more difficult in exhibitions, where the technology needs to be present for the duration of the exhibition.


January 2.
- Walking Tour with Walk Like an Egyptian in Downtown Cairo.
- Lunch at Eish + Malh in Downtown and discussion with artists.
- Visit to Mohamed Abla’s Studio in Downtown.

January 3.
- Visit to Darb 1718 with artist Moutaz Nasr.

January 4.
- Walking tour with Walk Like an Egyptian in Cairo Old Town.
- Dinner at Abu El Sid Restaurant.

January 5.
- Visit Khaled Hafez Studio in Shorouk City.
- Zar Music show in Makan Center.

January 6.
- Public event at Rawabet Theatre. Performance by Carima Neusser, Round table discussion led by Abir Boukhari and performance by Per Huttner with Mina Nasr and Aya El Fallah.

January 8.
- Exhibitions and culture events in Cairo guided by Elham Khattab.

The whole project is open to the public. Drop a line to Rudi Heinrichsen “info[at]visionforum.eu” if you wish to participate.

Participating artists and creators include: Muhammad Ali, Abir Boukhari, Elham Khattab, Per Hüttner, Carima Neusser, Mohamed Abla, Abdelaziz Taleb, Walk Like an Egyptian, Aya El Fallah, Ahmed Nagy, Abu El Sid,  Khaled Hafez and Moutaz Nasr. The project is supported by Creative Force at the Swedish Institute and Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse.