Health in Times of Pandemic

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An important part of the work that we do in  Vision Forum, lies in bringing art and (medical)science together so that we can support healthier living through creativity. We are  happy to announce that Nordic Culture Point has granted us funding to develop the project “Governing Bodies.” The project brings together a pan-Nordic group of artists from many disciplines of different ages who work together with established academics from the sciences. Together they share a fascination for microbes and how humanity’s increased knowledge about them is changing the understanding of ourselves and our place in the world as well as how this knowledge can improve human well-being. The work will lead to Nordic workshops, a publication as well as a st of public workshops and presentations in 2021.

Vision Forum has also received funding from the Swedish Arts Council to soften the financial blow that the covid-19 situation has dealt us. This means that we can continue the ongoing projects with greater ease and achieve better results. Multiple artists whom we work with have also received funding from the Swedish Arts Grants committee with the same purpose. We congratulate them and look forward to reconnecting with our network and audiences around the world soon.