Grossi Maglioni duo and Vision Forum in Rome

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Long time Vision Forum partners Grossi Maglioni duo will present a solo exhibition curated by Lýdia Pribišová and Gianluca Brogna at AlbumArte in Rome. The exhibition will open on February 15 and will last until April 27, 2017. The exhibition has been designed through a reworking of three art projects developed and elaborated during the duo’s ten years of activity, which also defines the idea of work-in-progress that has always been part of the artists’ research. Since their debut, the artistic duo has dedicated a substantial part of their research to performative practices, through which they investigated different themes related to society and politics, combining artistic research methods with those of anthropology and science, with several incursions into the realm of magic and parascience, always maintaining a feminine and feminist approach in the production of their work. In fact, the two artists often focus on politically controversial issues: the gaze that offends, occupations, séances that use female body as the object of operation. All three projects revolve around the idea of the artwork as a device, its utility and interaction, the collaboration between the artists and the public as well.

In conjunction with the finissage on April 27 Per Huttner and Carima Neusser will present a performance that they have developed during a research trip in Mexico in 2016-17.