Fabien Guillermont at KSM Lab in Norrköping

Vision Forum is proud to announce Fabien Guillermont’s solo project at KSM Lab in Norrköping.

Private view – 12 /February, 18-20h, exhibition is open until March 12, KSM Lab, Norrköpings Stadsmuseum, Holmbrogränd, Norrköping, Sweden.

Part 4 : The Greeting

“THE NEW IDOL” is a multiple video installation by French artist Fabien Guillermont that is inspired by the structure and style of Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. The book is built on aphorisms and neither follows the narrative of a novel nor the classical form of philosophical writing. Guillermont has used a similar approach in his film in order get a deeper understanding of how moving images affect us and our values.

The installation is formed around questions how we define our own place in the world. Guillermont has carried out a large series of interviews with people in Sweden and offer different perspectives on central questions in life. It includes Lady-Gaga fans who meet their idol; people involved in the political implications of the planned move of the city of Kiruna and Sami people talking about their history.

The public opening of the exhibition on February 12 is called “Part 4 : The Greeting” since the event forms the last part of the project. It corresponds, like the other part to a part of Nietzsche’s book, when all the supposedly superior men come to Zarathustra’s cave and share a dinner and wine with him. The spectator becomes central to the installation and he/she is free to create links between the different moving images and narratives.

About the artist: Fabien Guillermont is a French artist who has been working on THE NEW IDOL, Part 4 : The Greeting as a part of an academic exchange between Sweden and France. The focus of his work can be found in how pictures interact with its audiences and influence our understanding about the world, especially how the cinema has created unconscious codes that influence our every day decisions.

More info about the artist here, photos from the exhibition here and a review of the exhibition here.