Exquisite Corpse


Exquisite Corpse, a film exchange between Sweden, France and Haiti initiated by Vision Forum.

Exquisite Corpse is a film project that is participatory that compares the every day life in Europe and Haiti. Fabien Guillermont will work with a group of teenagers living in Besançon, France and with professional film makers in Sweden. The French group will be formed by 8 people, from 12 to 18 years old. On the one hand, the young participants will discover through the project various technical aspects related to the making of a film. They will learn to use technical equipment, to develop a documentary and fictional approach and to edit. On the other hand, they will meet two confirmed film directors, Adler Pierre and Fabien Guillermont. Through the exchange with Adler, living and working in Haiti, they will discover the current social and political context of the country. The project proposes a joint reflection on this situation, and the creation of a work from this exchange. The professional film makers in Sweden will meet an experimental and intercultural that traverses different age groups. The work will challenge their notions about (documentary film-making.)

The project will give birth to a composite documentary film, resulting from the exchange between a person currently living in Haiti, professional filmmakers in Sweden and a group of adolescents living in France. Adler, a Haitian director will send a first image of his choice.  These will be fixed shots representative of a situation, which would show the unfolding of a daily action in Haiti: a street view of a ghetto, a group of elderly people playing cards, someone doing their laundry in the street etc.

This shot will be discussed by the group in France, who will decide to produce an image in response. A bit like an exquisite corpse, the film will consist of these back and forth trips between the two countries, the two cultures, in order to highlight the possibilities of meeting through the current political situation. The group of young directors will be in charge of making their images. They will have to meet to look at the images sent by Adler, discuss them to decipher what they see and understand the issues. They will decide together on the response to be sent by image. They will have to make a set of still shots, keeping in mind all the cinematographic rules that apply to them. At each new reception, they will have to respond with a plan, thus composing a cross-border story.

A film will be written through this exchange that will reveal the current social and economic differences, but also their historical and cultural links. It will be edited in close dialogue with filmmakers in Sweden.