Duet with a Dying Plant

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On Saturday August 21, Swedish artist Per Huttner will be performing “Duet with a Dying Plant” at BKV in Potsdam. The performance is a musical improvisation where the artist and a dying plant make sounds together. This is achieved by putting electrodes on the plant and on the artist’s skull. These generate real time measurements of their inner movements (the neurological movements of the artist and the dying plant’s inner signals). The measurements are then used to create digital sounds. The two sounds intertwine and affect both performers and create feedback loops between them.

Huttner has since 2013 been part of a Vision Forum team of musicians, neuroscientists and visual artists that develop hardware and software that allows technology from music, stage technology and neuroscience to interact. The technology is called the EEGsynth developed so that artists from different genres can create new performances.