Congratulations to our Partners

Congratulations to our Partners


Vision Forum Congratulates our partners Curatorial Mutiny and Morgondagens konstpublik (Tomorrow’s Art Audiences) who have been granted support from Kulturbryggan in Stockholm to develop one project each.

Curatorial Mutiny will run theĀ  project “Zygot,” which is an interdisciplinary project where the audience will live new bodily experiences in natural waters across Europe. In “Zygot”, performance artists, musicians, fashion designers and researchers work to develop new bodily experiences, which takes place during excursions to natural lakes, rivers and pools. The audiences’ bodies will be submerged under water. The project is developedĀ  and led by choreographer Carima Neusser.

Morgondagens konstpublik will develop a project called “Do Trees Dream of CO2?” which allows the audience to dialogue with trees. This will take the form of special performances in forests around Sweden and Europe.

In both projects Vision Forum will support the respective teams in developing form, content and technology necessary to make the work as successful as possible.