Do Trees Dream of CO2



Biology has recently acquired important knowledge about plants and their perception and problem solving skills. In this project, artists and researchers from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and France investigate what they can learn from this new and exciting knowledge, as well as how it can be used to create new and visionary Nordic art. The project is of particular interest in a regional context, since Nordic people have a special relationship to nature that surrounds them.

Humans have traditionally ignored plants’ ability to solve problems. We have also been relatively blind to many of the similarities that we share with the vegetal life around us. But since we share the same planet and the same evolutionary past, we also share a lot of biochemistry. In biology much attention has recently been given to the agency of plants – how they sense the world and deal with changes in their environment. With this project we will investigate what implications the recent discoveries in biology have for the arts, via two connected questions:

- How does plant perception function – and what can art learn from this?

- What are the similarities and differences between humans and plants – and what can art learn from this?

The questions are purposefully open. This allows each artist and researcher to develop a project that resonates with their individual practice, so that the other participants and audiences can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

The project is developed and realized in dialogue with Morgondagens konstpublik. It is supported by Kulturbryggan and Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse.