EEGsynth in Brest


For the occasion of the Brain Awareness Week (Semaine du Cerveau), our friend Nicolas Farrugia has set up the following exciting event using the EEGsynth with the Carol Trio on 16 March 2019 in Brest, France.

Musical improvisation is one of the first ways that human beings have found to express themselves through sound. It is also one of the few collective and instantaneous art forms. However, the mental states and neural bases of improvisation remain poorly understood today. During this event, repeated twice, we propose to question ourselves on the nature of such states. Each performance will begin with an improvisation by the Carol Trio (Christophe Rocher, Frédéric B. Briet and Nicolas Pointard) during which the brain activity of one of the three improvisers will be recorded, as well as the sound. The researchers will then proceed to a re-listening phase of the performance, during which the improvisers will try to characterize and comment on the instant subjective experience of the performance. Finally, the public will be invited to discuss with musicians and scientists the musical, cognitive, sonic and neuroscientific aspects involved in the experiment. This experience will be broadcast live on Facebook.

The EEGsynth is supported by Kulturbryggan.