A More Baroque Stockholm


“Baroque Architecture and Submission“ with Carima Neusser, Adriano Wilfert Jensen and Laura Oriol are in residency at Dansens hus February 25 – March 1. Together they will develop the performance that investigates spaces: imaginary and real, in the body and in architecture. In it two dancers move slowly without interacting with each other. They move from tableau to tableau and we do not know if they are afflicted by inhumane apathy, dumbstruck by a pleasure avalanche or blissfully following a heavenly light in their souls. The project is born from Choreographer Carima Neusser’s meeting with baroque churches. Through the spaces and images she investigates how the architecture of the church seeks out infinity, ecstasy and dissolution of the self.

You can read an interview with Carima Neusser where she discusses the project here.

The project is done by and with: choreographer Carima Neusser, dancer Adriano Wilfert Jensen, dancer Laura Oriol, performer Rasmus Raphaëlle Östeberg, architect Isabella Pasqualini, light designer Mira Svanberg, music composer Siri Jennefelt, scenographer Sofia Romberg and costume designer Emilia Rota.