APT finissage in Bremen

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The Association for the Palliative Turn (APT) is a project initiated by long time Vision Forum partner Olav Westphalen. It is an open platform for artists to make work around the palliative turn. Over the summer APT has been hosted by Künstlerhaus Bremen. The project in Bremen brings together contributions from artists, designers, a kinesiologist, a philosopher, a comedian, a grief and death counsellor, and a climate scientist, who have entered into an exchange within the framework of APT.

For the finissage,  September 30 and October 1, many of the participants and Vision Forum people join for a series of public events including:

- Workshop with Louise Ashcroft: NO KIDS!
- Last Aid in Life Course with Lydia Roeder
- The Art of Turning Palliation into Our Lives at any and all Parts of Our Life Cycle with Annemarie Goldschmidt and Per Hüttner
- Palliative Dinner
- Performance by Per Hüttner: Duet with a Dying Plant

Founded in 2020, APT is an open-ended collaboration dedicated to discussing and promoting a palliative approach to, and in the arts. With an experimental, speculative and humorous approach, APT applies the concepts and approaches of palliative care to the current crises of civilization, viewing the period before systemic collapse as a time of insight, growth, and profound joy in all that is left. APT proposes no solutions, but an acceptance of the finitude of life and the limits of our remaining possibilities.